History of Hook and Loop

Hook and loop is the generic term for a style of fastener which uses two strips of material, one with hooks and one with loops. This concept is an old one as anyone who has walked through a field of weeds and had them stick to their clothes is well aware. One such man was George de Mestral the inventor of Velcro®. Velour Crochet or Velcro® as it came to be known was first invented by De Mestral in 1948 but was then developed into the hook and loop system that we know today by a weaving company in France in 1951.

Hook and loop systems (originally just Velcro®) made their entry into the mainstream market as companies and manufacturers attempted to meet the needs of young children. The hook and loop system was a perfect alternative to the conventional fastening methods such as shoelaces and buttons. It is strong, easily separated, lightweight, durable, and washable, comes in a variety of colours, and won't jam.

Hook and loop has expanded into many more areas of the market place.

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